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Bette Midler at Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood


Photos By Ralph Notaro/NDM Images

Ralph Notaro05082015BetteMIdler155.jpg

Ralph Notaro05082015BetteMIdler147.jpg

Ralph Notaro05082015BetteMIdler144.jpg

Ralph Notaro05082015BetteMIdler140.jpg

Ralph Notaro05082015BetteMIdler131.jpg

Ralph Notaro05082015BetteMIdler121.jpg

Ralph Notaro05082015BetteMIdler110.jpg

Ralph Notaro05082015BetteMIdler106.jpg

Ralph Notaro05082015BetteMIdler105.jpg

Ralph Notaro05082015BetteMIdler104.jpg

Ralph Notaro05082015BetteMIdler103.jpg

Ralph Notaro05082015BetteMIdler101.jpg

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